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Digital Marketing Audit

Our FREE digital marketing audit will evaluate your online marketing efforts, strategies, properties and activities against industry best practices. 


How it works

Marketing audit step one

Goals & Objectives

To start the process we ask your to provide some history and context to your business & marketing iin a short survey. The survey allows us to understand your overall business objectives and how your current digital marketing supports them.

Get started by filling out the form below.

Marketing audit step two

Evaluation & Analysis

Once you have submitted your goals & objectives we will confirm that your business qualifies for a free audit. Once confimed, we will evaluate your digital perfomance in a few key areas, Website UI/UX, SEO, Content, Business Profiles, Paid Advertising.

Expect the audit to take 2-4 weeks.

Marketing audit step three

Recommendations & Presentation

Once we complete your audit we will book a 30-60 minuite call with our subject matter experts to review the audit and recommendations. Our recommendations will be mindful of your level of digital maturity and follow a progressive approach. 

30-60 minuite presentation.

Step 1

Fill out the survey to get started

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Perfectly Suited for

  • Why do you ask for my Goals & Objectives?
    Understand your organization's overall business objectives and how digital marketing aligns with them enables us to better assess your digital footprint.
  • Why do i have to qualify for a FREE Audit?
    Companies with complex digial footprints, large websites, multiple digital properties, multi channel advertising and multiple locations may not qualifty for the FREE audit.
  • Why does the audit take 2-4 weeks?
    Unlike some other audit services we combine both automated reports and insights from our strategy team and subject matter experts to build your audit & recommendations.


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