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Email marketing allows you to send targeted emails to users in your database to promote products, services, or brand messaging. Reach users directly with personalized content driving engagement and loyalty. 


Email Marketing Services

Our email marketing process involves several steps to ensure effective communication and engagement with your audience. Here’s an overview of the process we follow:

  • Email Platform and Database: If you have an existing email program we start by assessing your current database, the information you are storing about your customers and the platform you are currently using. If you don't have one we make a recommendation based on your needs. 

  • Subscriber Acquisition: we develop a plan for how to get new customers into your database. Including but not limited to signup forms, lead magnets like eBooks, exclusive content, discounts, and offline collection such as at your store or events. 

  • Audience Segmentation: we identify what information is important to gather in order to group your audiences into useful groups for your marketing or messaging. These segments can be based on user preference, demographics or behavioral data.  

  • Content Strategy and Calendar: inline with your broader content strategy, we will come up with ways to personalize and offer emotional and transactional value drives to drive your business goals and develop a roll out calendar. 

  • Email & Automation Creation: leveraging your content strategy and calendar we will build the necessary emails and automations to bring your plan  to life. 

  • Reporting and Optimization: we will monitor and analyze your email performance identifying opportunities for testing and optimization.

  • Database Monitoring and Maintenance: your IP and Domain reputation will be monitored to ensure your emails are reaching consumers inboxes. Your database will regularly be updated to remove inactive subscribers, update information and ensure compliance with laws and regulations for consent.

​Our proven approach helps create a high performance email marketing program, leading to better engagement and positive returns on your email strategy. 

Email Marketing

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